Code Geass ends on a happy, sad and mysterious note. Just note that this article is full of spoilers and you have been warned


Lelouch rids the world of hate by planning his own death and allowing Suzaku to take his place as Zero. C.C is now a traveling nomad and Nunnally becomes the 100th leader of the Britannian Empire. But there is one mystery that has not been resolved with the ending of Code Geass.With the resolution, what happened to Lelouch, our main character? While we do see Lelouch being stabbed by Suzaku and him dying in front of Nunally, the actions of what happened after seems to provide us with some doubt.


This doubt seems to stem from the scene with C.C. riding in a haycart. The inner monologue that C.C. was having, coupled with that fact that driver of the haycart had his face covered gave us the idea that this person could be Lelouch.


This got the community thinking that “Did Lelouch actually die?” If Lelouch was smart enough to plan everything out, even ridding the world of all the hate for the Britannia Empire with his elaborate ruse, is it not plausible that Lelouch planned to fake his own death. Is it not plausible that he did accounted to follow through with his plan without such high stakes. The ambiguity with which Code Geass ends and the high intelligence that Lelouch possess leads most of the community, or at least me, to believe that Lelouch is still alive


In addition to Lelouch’s death, another mystery that Code Geass provides to the viewers is, did Lelouch become like C.C. and gained immortality. This idea stems from two places: one is the previous argument about faking his own death while the other concerns the name of the second season. The second season of Code Geass is called Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 and what is peculiar about it is the word R2. In the Japanese language, R is pronounced as L which can be seen in the word and name of Light which is said as Raito in Japanese. So it’s basically L2 or L.L. which is the same sort of name that C.C. possess. C.C is not the green haired girl’s real name but since this sort of name is associated with immortal beings such as V.V, this leads us to the assumption that Lelouch has gained the same powers as C.C. Meaning that along with immortality, Lelouch has the power to regenerate after any injury. So this allows us to think, to assume that Lelouch isn’t really dead.


But there are some counter arguments to these theories. Like, if Suzaku was in on the entire plan, why was he actually crying when he “kills” Lelouch.


Is Lelouch really dead? As a fanboy and a general watcher, I will continue to believe in Lelouch and his intelligence to escape even his own death. And with the announcement of season 3 I hope that we receive an answer.7