It was announced on the tenth anniversary that Code Geass would be coming back after 8 years. If you have not seen Code Geass, go watch it and then come back to this article because this is going to be a spoiler full articlecover

Code Geass is coming back! It’s been 8 years since we saw the last of Lelouch and his “supposed” death. Lelouch’s plan led to much confusion on whether he really died, but with this announcement we know that there is still hope. Lelouch might still be alive after, The 99th Emperor of the Britannia may still live. We don’t know for certain but it’s safe to assume that Lelouch is still alive because the title of the new era of Code Geass is titled the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection.This title is very vague and mysterious and leads to much speculation. Will C.C revive Lelouch from the dead? Or does resurrection mean that he will reintroduce himself into the society? If Lelouch really wasn’t dead and his plan didn’t lead to his actual death, then why was Suzaku actually crying. SO MANY QUESTIONS


But there is one thing for certain. The amazing Code Geass anime is coming back and that in itself is amazing. A movie trilogy is also being released to recap the anime with all new recordings and scenes that will not disappoint us. Bring us the man we had desired to live.