My boyfriend recently finished watching Code Geass, and of course we had a debate on whether Lelouch is dead or not. I was saying he was dead, and he was saying he wasn’t. You can see my article discussing whether Lelouch is dead here:

We then started discussing C.C. and her contract with both Mao and Lelouch… and somehow I came up with this theory. C.C. is dead.


First of all, let’s discuss her contract with Lelouch. C.C. states that she won’t let Lelouch die before their contract ends. This is the very thing that convinced my boyfriend that Lelouch was alive, since C.C. wouldn’t let Lelouch die so easily.

Unless the end of the contract was Lelouch causing his own death. So when he died, their contract ended, therefore meaning C.C. has no reason to keep him alive.


My biggest question is, where was C.C. before Lelouch died? She wasn’t anywhere in sight. In the area that is. There are a few scenes showing her praying in a church, so this could have been before her death.

Maybe she wanted to die there, which is why she’s there instead of near Lelouch. Then when Lelouch died, their contract expired and then maybe resulting in C.C.’s death shortly after. This may not make sense yet, since Mao dies – so wouldn’t that cause C.C.’s death then? Nope. C.C. still had a contract with Lelouch who was alive.


Or another theory is that Lelouch kills her here, and is remembering it. As it’s shown alongside other flashbacks. It’s not impossible to kill C.C., since Lelouch did kill Charles who was also immortal. However, this would result in Lelouch then getting the code and becoming immortal himself, meaning he’s alive, which just makes everything a lot more confusing.


Furthermore, you have to die to pass your Code on. So Lelouch may have killed her, since that’s what she was aiming for when she was giving people Geass, which then passed the code onto him – since I believe that the Code can only be obtained from the person who they were contracted with. To back this up, once the Code has been obtained, Geass can no longer be used and Lelouch uses Geass after he’s killed Charles.



In addition, look at C.C.’s clothes at the end. Throughout the series she is mainly seen wearing either Lelouch’s clothes or the weird sleeping bag-like outfit she first appeared in.


I can’t find a decent image of them (so have a cute picture of C.C. with Cheese-kun), but you can always find the ending on YouTube and see for yourself. Unless you don’t mind the blurry picture below.


Also, she’s in the middle of nowhere, on a cart while talking to herself. It’s not too hard to believe that C.C. maybe dead somewhere and this is the little world she goes to (unless you believe in heaven, then she went there). She seems very happy, despite crying in a church a few scenes before Lelouch’s death. She has Cheese-kun, so maybe that’s why she’s happy. But I’m theorising that she’s happy that she finally got to die after years of waiting.

There’s no way that she could be with Lelouch (with him driving the cart which so many people believe he is doing) at that moment since he was stabbed through the heart by Suzaku. So he’s dead if she’s alive. The only other way is that she’s dead, and she passed on her code to him therefore making him immortal. So she most likely isn’t happy that she’s with Lelouch, since chances are she’s on her own with a random stranger.


So what do you think? Do you believe C.C. is dead? Leave a comment below!