If you haven’t seen/finished Code Geass, then I highly suggest you come back when you have, since this post will contain major spoilers for the anime!


Is Lelouch really dead? A lot of people believe that he is alive, that he received immortality and survived being stabbed by Suzaku. Some people even believe the false rumour that the Japanese version of the anime has a different ending, this one showing you that the person who’s driving the cart that C.C is on is really Lelouch. I’ve seen the Japanese version, and I can promise you that this is fake. Anyway, why would they edit this out of the English version? It just doesn’t make sense.


Video editing exists. You can easily take the scene and edit it to appear that it’s Lelouch rather than a random character. I’ve only ever seen the above on YouTube, and not on any official release of the anime. Pretty much proving that it’s edited.


Video editing is actually very easy, I’ve edited dango into Nichijou, such as the beam of light in the pencil stab scene is changed to a flying dango instead. Anyone can edit Lelouch’s face into the ending scene.


Furthermore, there is actually no official evidence that Lelouch is alive. There’s more official evidence that states he is dead. (http://anime.stackexchange.com/questions/116/was-lelouch-the-person-driving-the-cart-in-the-last-scene-of-code-geass-r2)


People also argue that Lelouch received the Code from Charles, but he didn’t make the contract with him. I always thought you could only receive the Code from the person who you made the contract with originally, meaning that Lelouch can only become immortal if he got the Code from C.C.


Then again, this picture has some good points too. I can’t remember if the show ever states how the Code works, and how the user receives it and if there are any specific rules.


Although, in my personal opinion, I strongly believe that Lelouch is dead. He’s shown as dying in the anime, and there’s no really strong evidence that proves otherwise. Why would the show withhold information regarding Lelouch receiving the Code? It would just leave so many things unanswered, rather than creating a good ending. If Lelouch was really alive, I’m sure it would be shown clearly. I believe the final scene showing C.C talking to herself is to get people to continue talking about the show for years after it’s ended.


I believe that people are unwilling to believe he’s dead, and are nit-picking at every bit of information the show gives to prove that he’s alive – some even going as far to create fake scenes and fake rumours.


What do you think? Do you think Lelouch is alive or not? Leave a comment below!