These anime are very similar, both main characters want to achieve something and use supernatural powers to get to where they want. However, what series is better?

Personally, I prefer Code Geass. Mainly because I prefer Lelouch to Light and the ending is much better.

Let’s start comparing the first episode. Death Note’s first episode was a lot better, and I was hooked straight away, whereas this wasn’t the case with Code Geass. When I first started watching Code Geass, I actually gave up half way through the first episode and started watching Fruits Basket instead. It wasn’t until a few different anime series later that I actually went back to give it another chance. In comparison, Code Geass is a lot harder to get into, mainly due to the fact that Lelouch’s plans don’t begin for a while, whereas Light gets his Death Note very quickly and the whole plot for the series is set up in an episode. 


One thing both series have in common is both get boring at some point. However, in Death Note’s case, it continues to be this way (but I believe this is because L died). Code Geass started becoming boring at the beginning of season 2 but then managed to become more interesting about half way through season 2 until the end. I nearly gave up with both anime, but I’m glad I finished both.

In my opinion, Lelouch is a better anti-hero. He had a decent reason for his actions, whereas Light seemed slightly selfish with his reasons. Light wanted to become God and get rid of evil, and would use anyone he could and kill anyone that stood in his way. Lelouch seemed a little bit better about it, he never once used his friends (from what I can remember) and did what he did for his sister, as well as the whole world. Light would have killed his whole family if it was necessary, whereas Lelouch would have never killed his sister.

Furthermore, Lelouch never lost who he was and his morals. Light’s morals flew out the window the more power-hungry he became, he used whoever he could and didn’t care when his own father died.

The ending for Death Note was predictable. Everything was revealed before it happened, so there wasn’t any surprise. Whereas I could have never guessed how Code Geass would end.

However, Death Note was a lot easier to follow compared to Code Geass, and the storyline was a little bit more interesting.

What do you prefer? Leave a comment below.