Facts you probably didn’t know about Itachi Uchiha.

Here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about Itachi. This will obviously contain some spoilers; you have been warned.

⦁ Itachi was born on June 9th. He is 17-18 in part one and 21 in part two.

He graduated from the academy at the age of 7.

⦁ He has his own filler series (episodes 451-458) and light novel.

⦁ Itachi is a pacifist. He didn’t want to hurt his family, but because he knew that killing his clan would lead to less bloodshed he went through with it. Which does bring up philosophical issues.  Should you be violent for peace sake or not be violent at all?

⦁ Itachi had awakened and mastered his Sharingan by the age of 8. In the filler series, it’s shown that seeing his teammates die caused him to awaken his Sharingan.
⦁ He keeps his Sharingan active most of the time, as it only drains a minimal amount of his chakra.

⦁ Itachi died from disease, although it’s unknown what disease he died from.

⦁ Itachi was originally created before the series began as a leader of a tactical squad named “the Itachi Squad”.

⦁ Itachi’s highest rank in Shonen Jump’s popularity poll for the series is fifth, and consistently ranks high in the poll.

Itachi is definitely one of the most mysterious characters of the show and one of the most popular anime characters of all time. Do you have any hidden facts about Itachi? Any characters you think are more interesting than Itachi? Leave us comments down below and let everyone know what you think!