I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t finished this anime. I have six episodes left to watch, it’s just I’m finding it really boring and nothing is being explained. There isn’t an obvious storyline either.

I did love this anime, it has a great start and it’s probably something I’ll have to try watching from the beginning. I was watching it dubbed and at college, and the other people in my class are very noisy so that meant I missed a lot of dialogue, which was probably necessary for me to enjoy it.

It does have an interesting concept; I’ll give it that. It’s just it seems so slow, and there’s not a lot of story progression or character development to keep me interested. There’s rarely a cliffhanger that makes me want to continue watching it either.

The characters are very interesting, they just don’t get developed (from what I can tell). Most things are revealed about Hei early on, that he goes around calling himself Li, he eats a lot and that he doesn’t seem to have a price for his powers (which is something that made me want to continue watching it, but thanks to spoilers I already know).

Characters don’t seem to have any major background stories either, something which I find very important for characters to seem realistic. Overall, nothing is really explained in depth. Contractors and dolls are briefly explained, and how they came to be is left out. Nothing is revealed about them, which just leaves me feeling confused.

The plot as well is pretty confusing, since I’m desperately trying to figure out what the overall plot is. I had to look at the summary to figure out what the anime is about, which is something I can normally get from the first few episodes.

This anime has so much potential, and it’s only left me feeling extremely disappointed. Especially since I was enjoying it early on as I was hoping that things would make sense and all the mystery was just a part of the series. Twenty episodes in and I’m still feeling confused, nothing is being resolved and I’m still wondering what’s going on. Why is Hei going to these places? He just appears there with no reason as to why he’s there in the first place. Why don’t we see who tells him to go there or what gives him the idea in the first place? Barely any character has been developed whatsoever, so I’m just left not being able to relate to any of them.

I honestly can’t tell you anything about Hei other than why he doesn’t have a price for his contract, he can electrocute people, he eats a lot and he acts very innocent when he’s being Li. I can’t tell you how he became a contractor, why he’s like he is, why he’s searching for his sister, how he met Yin etc.

Maybe I’ve missed all the important information due to missing dialogue, I hope this is the case since I really don’t want to dislike this series. I love Hei and Yin, so I want to watch it because of them, but I can’t force myself to watch something I’m not enjoying.

This is definitely an anime I will try to re-watch again, as I really want to enjoy it and like it. It seems so cool. I’m disappointed that I’m not enjoying it and that there isn’t anything to really like about it. I was expecting to watch it and be able to add it to my favourite anime list.

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