Just like the title says,Akira…. USE YOUR CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s no secret that I absolutely adore the Dragonball Series. I started watching it when it came to Toonami. Grew up on it for literally a decade, Got into Dragonball, then watched GT. Watched all of the movies and specials. I love the theories for it and all. But Dragonball is not immune from having it’s fair share of flaws. Two glaring flaws that started to agrivate me as I’ve gotten older is the lack of character depth and lack of the main cast involvement with the show itself.

So with Super Starting back up Akira and Toei had and still have a prime opprotunity to fix the character developement issues that have plagued the series. Why is there so little character developement in Series? The problem with the way the power structure is set up is that all the other characters are left in the dust and the focus is directly on Goku and Vegeta. Seeing as the show primarily focuses on wowing the audience with new forms and transformation it really takes away from the abilities from the others to actually impress the Fanbase. They’ve all been reduced to Background Characters.

The above is really what they have left the rest of the Z fighters as….furniture. I hate it sooooo much.

Power Scaling Issue

So with the way Akira has been progressing things. Let’s be honest, The Super Saiyan transformation is sick. I have loved it from the start. It’s amazing, Super Saiyan 1, 2 and 3, even 4 was awesome too me. Super Saiyan God forms are alright too.  1,2 and 3 had me the most excited. But the way that it’s been set up that each new foe is stronger than the next, it’s put the series into a corner to where only the sayians can garner enough power to stop the mightiest.  It would be nice to see some of the now background characters(They are like lamps and tables that walk and gasp at this point), do something amazing. They have it in them and have done so before in the series! Why can’t they get the time to shine?!

I love how in episode 53 of Dragonballz Abridged, Tien and Piccolo have a small conversation about this.

(Piccolo and Tien feel the energy of Trunks powering up.)
Tien: That’s Trunks?
Piccolo: Yeah, pretty astonishing, isn’t it?
Tien: It’s infuriating.
Piccolo: Why, because the gap keeps widening?

Some things to consider with the under acknowledged characters.

Even if they are not able to be the strongest in the universe they could still contribute their powers in many different ways, Powers that give say psychological, elemental effects. True ki manipulation giving them the ability to win against stronger fighters by using strategy and truly unique ways to actually win against various opponents using all sorts of interesting and weird ways to fight, (the way they frammed piccolo fighting against frost and winning using strategy).  This is such an opprotunity to add depth to their abilities and characters.  But it’s just not being taken.

Tien was able to come in after loosing to  the androids in a hit or so and a choke hold, to holding down a second form semi perfect Cell! He did this after Kamiccolo who is as strong as a Super Sayian as well as android 17 getting beaten down and absorbed by Cell very easily.  Not only this but not even a super sayian (pre training) could take Cell. A human (allegedly he’s a human w/ that 3rd eye).


Krillin was able to cut off 2nd form freizas tail. He may have caught him off guard but his destructo disc is so powerful it cut his tail. that’s a far and away impressive feat for someone who wasn’t strong enough to beat even the ginyu force at the time and was one shoted by Racoome. Considering freiza is powerful enough to survive a planet exploding after fighting a super sayian, again, even if its in his second form, this is no small feat, even just on power scaling alone.

And of course the one that hurts me the most…….Gohan. Let’s talk about Gohan. I’m not sure if this is a token jab at making at least one of the sayians a background character or what.(Gotenks made an appearance so they get a pass for now), but why, it’s like Obi-wan screaming to Aniken “YOU WERE THE CHOOSEN ONE!”. And he grew up and turned into nothing. This is in part by the fan outcry for goku remaining the hero, but man Gohan could still kick serious butt as he did in the future trunks timeline and Mystic Gohan. I’m both mad at Toriyama AND  ChiChi. You get to see a glimpse of what gohan could have been in Future Trunks Timeline he was on vegetas level of bad AND he could back it up. He was strong enough to stand up to the androids 2 vs 1.  A True to life, 400% badass. You even get to see it again as when he turns into Mystic Gohan in the Buu saga. Rare form bad AF gohan.

And again….look at this…..Amazing.


Wow…There are so many characters not being fully utilized. There is a whole entire world building machanic not being used here and it is ripe for opprotunity to clean up where the android,cell and buu sagas dropped the ball. Tien, Krillin, Chiaotsu, Yamcha(ha), (I appreciate them using Master Roshi he is one of my favorite charactersbut aside from this), and good lord…GOHAN….why Akira, You gave us a glimpse of how awesome he would be if he kept training. A part of us died when you made him a family man. I understand that we have to grow up and realize that we have responsibilities that come along like raising a family and getting a job but there is so much potential. I would be concerned that if Goku and Vegeta weren’t around the world would end up doomed because he decided to focus on studies like Chichi wanted.

But Overall Gohans part can be forgiven some, not everyone with potential wants to use their potential. they may not like fighting and that’s okay if you think about it. But there is really no excuse for the overall lack of character developement in the show. It maybe marked as a childrens show in some aspects but that doesn’t mean children are so dumb you can’t give them characters that can help them to learn how to understand real delimmas and spark real creativity. (Steven universe). Akira still has time to fix this. Give some respect to the characters you made, Toriyama even stated his favorite characters but yet they are NOT being used. Comeone Toei, Akira, you both can do this, give the fans more credit and give them better quality characters!

I believe in you.

What do you think about the characters in Dragonball? anything you would do differently? Let us know down below!