In the words of Gandalf the white “Death is just another path, one that we all must take”. Anime has a way with death. It is quite unpredictable, how death will follow through. Warning, I must say, speaking about death in anime will undoubtedly bring many spoilers. You have been warned.

Death has many ways of appearing in anime. It can be seen as a character’s end which is the common way it is portrayed, in the case of Portgas D. Ace, Jiraiya, and so many others. But, with the imaginative power that anime provides, it allows for many other choices in the way death is expressed. Death can be cheated, death can be ambiguous, death can be power, death can be weakness

The cheating of death can clearly and popularly be seen in the Dragon Ball Franchise. The magical dragons Shenron and Porunga can grant the wishes to bring someone back to life. Goku himself was revived twice by the magic of the Dragon Balls along with many other characters. Death still carries weight in this world but as fans, death in this franchise doesn’t carry as much weight because we know that the have the power of the Dragon Balls to revive anyone who fall in battle though Shenron can only be used to revive people once.

The ambiguity of death of can be seen in Code Geass and other such anime where the death of certain characters is brought into question due to the very nature of the anime. If Lelouch was that incredibly smart, does it not make sense that he could have cheated death and faked his fall from the 99th crown of the Britannia Empire.

The power of death can be seen in any number of any anime, where the death of one character gives the others the strength to fight back and win against their adversaries. Surely the most notable example for this is Hunter x Hunter. Kite’s death gave Gon the immense power he needed to kick Neferpitou’s ass.

The weakness of death can be seen in Monkey D. Luffy’s reaction to this brother’s death. During the Marineford arc, after the death of Portgas D. Ace. Luffy’s mind breaks down. He completely shuts off and is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. Ace’s death made him incapacitated in the middle of a war

Death has many effects on and they can clearly been seen throughout the different anime it is present in. Not many stories are free of death, for it is a normal process that we must all go through to see the “white shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise”