The Death Note live action trailer was released! So we finally get to see a glimpse of what we can expect from the Netflix film which will be out this August.

It looks exciting, but it lacked the ‘Death Note’ feel. It seemed a bit too action-y rather than full of suspense. The trailer really didn’t give anything away, or revealed anything about the story so non-Death Note fans won’t know what’s happening or what it’s about other than a notebook that kills people. Which surprisingly works and fits.

I will admit that I was wrong about the actor who is playing Light. His appearance doesn’t scream genius, but he does look evil. Which is surprising since I didn’t think he could look evil. I’m not sure if he fits how Light appears to everyone else, the whole good looking, popular kid. His appearance is too malicious looking to be someone I see as approachable. If I knew him, I’d stay far away as he looks like an ass.

Again, we didn’t really get to see much, so the actor could easily pull off the whole good guy appearance as well.

Ryuk seems scary, which I love. Ryuk scared me at first in the anime, so it’s nice to know he’s scary in the live action. Ryuk needs to be scary, he’s a shinigami.

The live action seems faithful to the anime, but at the same time it doesn’t. It’s a nice balance and I’m hoping the film is the same. I’m hoping it’s different from the anime so I can be sat at the edge of my seat wondering what is happening, but at the same time I want it to be similar enough so it’s like the anime I love so much.

I really want to love this film and hate it at the same time, just as much as I love and hate the anime.

We didn’t get that much of a glimpse of L, which is disappointing. I want to know if the actor can pull of L’s quirkiness. I want to know if they kept L the same.

I hope a longer and better trailer is released soon, I’m actually starting to get excited for the film’s release. I really hope it doesn’t end up like The Last Airbender and Dragonball.

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