I don’t have any faith in this at all. Especially if they don’t follow the series faithfully.

In summary, I’m expecting this to be a complete fail. Look at what happened to Avatar and Dragonball. It’s pretty obvious that American live actions just don’t work at all.

Let’s be honest, they’ve already taken a massive dump on it by changing Light’s surname to Turner and his Dad has a completely new name. I only dislike this because Yagami backwards is Imagay, and Yagami is a cool surname. Plus it’s Light Yagami, and it’s always been that, I’m just not too sure on the name change. I guess it’s kinda reasonable, considering Light will be American and not Japanese.

From the cast list, I don’t see Sayu anywhere at all. Even though she doesn’t do much, she’s still pretty significant to the story, since she gets kidnapped later on. I really hope they haven’t removed her.

Ryuk is still in it, luckily.

I’m not too sure on the cast. I have no issue with L being black, but I’m extremely worried that the actor won’t be able to portray L’s quirkiness. I love L because he’s so weird and strange, so if that stays I’ll be fine. Light’s actor looks a little bit too friendly to be evil. I really can’t see him laughing evilly, or glaring.

I’ve been waiting (and dreading) this American Death Note live action for years, and I’m fairly certain it won’t be good. It’s going to be available on Netflix at some point this year (2017). I don’t think there’s much room for any errors, and I’m worried they’ll change something that’s critical for the plot, or changing a part of the anime that I love a lot.

I love Death Note a lot, so I’m going to be very critical of the adaptation. If it’s awful, it will probably end up like the Avatar and Dragonball adaptations that everyone pretends doesn’t exist.

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