Death Note review

Death Note is one of the reasons why I watch anime today. It’s not one of the best I have seen, but it’s definitely not the worst. Since this is a review of the series, it will contain spoilers.

I have seen the anime and read the manga. My favorite out of the two is the manga. Mainly because the ending is so much better compared to the anime. The anime’s ending felt rushed and nothing was explained clearly. The manga’s ending showed how vulnerable Light had become as he is seen begging for help. Calling out for Misa and Takada, before finally begging Ryuk for help – something I found very amusing. The manga’s end showed Light’s character in a different perspective and how desperate he can become to achieve his goals.

Furthermore, the anime’s ending was disappointing. I felt like it lacked something. I now wish that I had finished reading the manga before watching the anime, as I’d probably like the series more, it may even be considered one of my favourites.

Another part of the series that I felt was disappointing was the part after the time-skip. I lost interest in the series, probably because of L’s death – something I wasn’t expecting so early-on in the series. To this day, I still think that it lacks what the first part had. The first part had so much mystery since a lot of things were withheld, such as Light’s plan to switch notebooks and give up his ownership of the Death Note. I spent the whole time wondering what he was doing when he was placed in confinement. I had no idea what he had done, or what he was planning. So it was a huge surprise when everything was revealed later on. That is what I enjoyed so much about the series, I enjoyed the suspense. I don’t know if I knew so much about what happens after the time-skip due to me getting bored and reading the plot on Wikipedia, or if it really didn’t withhold the information like it did earlier on in the series.

Light’s character also drastically changed towards the end. I felt like he wasn’t as intelligent as he was at the beginning of the series. He became clumsy. Why didn’t he tell Mikami to rip pages from the Death Note out when he received it and use them when they met up with Near in the warehouse? Near wouldn’t have expected that, and Light would have won. The pages would have been taken before Near tampered with the Death Note. It confuses me since this was a tactic Light used a lot earlier on in the series.

I also feel that Light let his guard down after he defeated L. Something that was very stupid of him.
In addition, I felt that Naomi Misora was too stupid too, considering she worked with L. Yet she was dumb enough to easily hand over her real name. Why didn’t she suspect something was up when Light kept pestering her? She also gave up information too easily. She shouldn’t have revealed any of her thoughts to a stranger. She trusted him too easily because he told her that his dad is part of the task force. She allowed herself to be manipulated into giving up information, is she really smart enough to have worked with L?
I believe that if she had kept her theories on Kira to herself and didn’t reveal her real name, she would have lived and she could have gone to L with the information. Of course this couldn’t have happened since Light wouldn’t be defeated so easily. Although, it should have been a lot harder for her to give the information up.

Overall, I enjoyed the series. While it’s not my favourite, it is one of the anime that I like. Even after I finished watching it, I spent ages thinking about it and wondering how the story would have turned out if something different happened. It has some of the best plot twists I have ever come across, and I enjoyed the suspense created throughout. It’s also so different compared to most anime I have seen, it had a nice balance between supernatural and the real world.

The story also starts straight away, it isn’t pushed back to allow for character development, something I find ruins an anime/manga. It immediately hooked me in and I couldn’t put the manga down. My friend was shocked at how quick I had read the first two volumes she had let me borrow. Very few series have done the same.
The art style is also nice, it’s probably one of my favorites. I really like Ryuk’s design, as it’s so interesting to look at. At first, I was pretty terrified of him. His design really fits his character too, since he’s very crazy.

I’d definitely recommend this series; however, I’d recommend the manga over the anime. Although, the anime is a very good adaptation so I wouldn’t say avoid it either.


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