This anime definitely wasn’t for me. It had an interesting storyline, but after a while it was very difficult to see where the anime was going. It seemed to concentrate more on fanservice rather than storyline. This would have been fine if I was watching it for the ‘plot’, but I was actually interested in the story.

Demon King Daimao is an anime about Akuto Sai who transfers to a magic school. On his first day he discovers that he will become the demon king. He then encounters several characters, becoming friends with them.

I got quite far into the anime before giving up. The story wasn’t progressing in any way, and there was little to no development. There wasn’t much character development either.

If you like harem, go ahead and watch it. But if harem isn’t what you want, then don’t bother. This anime really doesn’t have much to offer other than fanservice and a harem. The story is most disappointing, it offers so much but doesn’t do anything about it. The story is a great idea, so it’s a shame that it’s ruined and not developed on. I know this anime could have been great and has a lot of potential.

This anime would have been so good had it not been ecchi or a harem anime. The main focus was that aspect and not the story. If it had been a typical shounen action anime, I’m sure I would have loved it and enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Akuto Sai is probably the only unique character. Everyone else are the exact copies of every other harem character out there.

The animation is okay, nothing spectacular or amazing. Just your typical ecchi animation.

Worst of all, this anime has the worst pacing ever. It’s all over the place and not consistent at all. The first two episodes were good, and if this wasn’t the case I would have given up after the first ten minutes. Everything after episode two is just atrocious.

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