If you had the power to change anything about yourself; your looks, intelligence, your magical powers… would you? If you could roll a magical die, to gain points to change anything about yourself would you?

You might not think that there are any moral repercussions to such a choice, but be forewarned, a choice that is given to you can be given to anyone else. The idea to better yourself against everyone else can be applied to everyone. All will compete against each other. To build yourself up you must either make yourself better or tear everyone else down. You cannot think that such a power is a chosen power, it is that can be power that is a choice. Would you take part in such a dangerous choice?

This idea comes from the Korean manwha Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything. A loser bread shuttle, is granted a dice that gives him the power to change himself. He gains more and more dice then he changes even more and more.

Would you do it? Would you go against what you were born with? Would you try to change things about yourself? Would you fight against everyone to change yourself to be the best? Would you roll that die?