What’s better than a harem anime with an interesting theme to pull you in? Monster Musume or Everyday Life With Monster Girls is a smash hit manga series about, well, monster girls. Monster Musume depicts what would happen if a bunch of half monster girls came to our world to live with a teenage boy. The content focuses heavily on everyday situations that are blown out of proportion thanks to the girls getting too curious to hold back.  So how do you explain this series to your friends without sounding weird?


1: The characters are very diversemm5

Each character goes beyond typical expectations, partly due to them being mythological creatures. They all play off of both their personality and their particular mythological traits and make for more interesting characters.



2: The comedic timing is greatmm6
While a typical harem comedy might be a little tired out for long time fans of the genre, the inclusion of Monster girls makes the series have fresh material for jokes.




3: The depictions are interestingmm2

For anyone who loves mythology, it’s fantastic to see not only modern interpretations of monsters, but a huge diversity. There are monsters from slime people to Dullahans to be found in Monster Musume.




4: They live in a big worldmm7
Monster Musume has a lot going on to explain where the monster girls come from and how the modern world is working them into society. There is actually a significant amount of lore and backstory to everything going on in the Monster Musume world.




5: There is a storymm4
Like many harems, Monster Musume starts off pretty slow, but as things go forward you’ll see a lot of character development and plot continuing throughout the books and anime.




6: It’s entertainingmm3
Overall Monster Musume has enough comedy, relatable characters, and monster fun to bring in a wide variety of readers. It’s not just endless monster girl fan-service, there’s enough substance and thought put into to make it able to stand on its own two feet.

So, there you have it, six things you can use to explain to your friends how watching Monster Musume is actually a rewarding experience. Although some people may still find it odd, you’re now prepared to defend your viewing habits!