Bleach is a very popular anime and manga series, both of which have ended (sadly). So what interesting facts are there about the series? This will contain spoilers for the series, so if you haven’t caught up then I’d advise you read the manga and then return.

The main character originally was going to be Rukia, but this was later changed to Ichigo. Rukia would have been armed with a scythe (which is later revealed to be her bankai). The other characters would have had guns, but this was later changed to swords.

Sadly, Ichigo’s name does not mean strawberry, it actually means ‘one who protects’ and is written as ­一護, not 苺 (which is strawberry).

The first character created for the series was Rukia, and the first arrancar created was Ulquiorra.

Bleach was actually rejected by the Shonen Jump magazine initially, but Kubo Tite received a letter from the creator or Dragonball, encouraging him to continue the story.

Kubo also uses different languages for the different races in Bleach, Japanese for the Shinigami, Spanish for the Arrancar and German for the Quincies.

The Bleach anime has 45% filler episodes, which is quite a lot. This is due to them skipping over arcs early on to get to the soul society arc, and due to the anime catching up to the manga frequently. This required a lot of filler to be made. This may have also resulted in the Bleach anime being stopped, but no one knows for sure why that ended.

The Bleach manga ended recently, and several fans hated the ending enough to burn their Bleach manga and destroy their Bleach anime box sets.

You’ve probably wondered why Bleach is called Bleach. It’s not because characters use it to clean their clothes, it’s actually because it’s the idea of cleansing. Like how the Shinigami cleanse hollows.

Kubo was actually surprised when fans liked Gin, as he had intended for Gin to be creepy and hated by fans. Speaking of Gin, he shares the same voice actor as Kisuke Urahara later on in the series as Urahara’s original voice actor retired and Gin’s took his place. There’s actually a scene that Both Gin and Urahara are in, and are being voiced by the same person. It’s not that noticeable though.

Gin’s eye colour actually changes. Early on in the anime, it’s very briefly shown as being red, and his eye colour is different in one of the Bleach DS games. This error is probably made due to Gin’s real eye colour not being shown until later on in the series.

Urahara Soten actually exists in Tokyo, Japan (not sure if it’s still there now). It sells Bleach merchandise like the t-shirts Ichigo is shown wearing throughout the series.

So what facts did you know? What facts have I missed? Leave a comment below!