Death Note is a very popular anime, and most anime fans have seen it. There are probably things you don’t know about the series…

Firstly, the font that L uses for his name is Old English Text, and it’s available pretty much anywhere that uses fonts. I will admit that I used this font for my Media coursework. It’s also found on toilet doors, I know a pub that uses the font for their toilets and I happily took a picture and scribbled out the ‘A’ on my phone and sent it to my friends that like Death Note. I’m evil.


L and Light are opposites, L uses Mac and Light uses Windows. A silly fact, but it’s a fact. I don’t think many people noticed. I noticed because I’m weird and I really like computers.

Naomi Misora also died because she was too smart, Ohba had intended for her to be kept to balance out the male-heavy cast, but she ended up working out how Kira works too quickly, so she was killed. However, I personally believe she was stupid. Why would you tell a stranger everything you know? Especially with Kira lurking about. I could rant about it all day, so I’ll move on to the next fact.

The pilot chapter for the series is completely different from how the series turned out. You can read it in the 13th volume of Death Note if you’re curious. In summary, it involves a young boy who finds a Death Note and then uses it to kill several school bullies. Ryuk feels sorry for him and gives him a special eraser that allows him to bring them back to life.

L’s surname ‘Lawliet’ is pronounced ‘Low Light’ … interesting. I still pronounce it as ‘law-lee-et’ out of habit.

Death Notes appear in other anime series. They’re not the easiest to spot, but I’ve seen a few. The first one I saw was in Mawaru Penguindrum, and the character who had it made me worry for the wellbeing of other characters…

Death Note has caused a lot of controversy around the world. Mainly due to fans buying Death Notes and writing down the names of those they hated. This caused it to be banned in China at one point.

In the first episode of the anime, when the Death Note falls it hits the ground cover-down. When Light goes to pick it up, it’s facing cover-up. This was the first error I noticed in the series. I notice it every time I watch the episode as well, and it really bugs me.

So what facts did you know? What facts have I left out? Leave a comment below!

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