L is my favourite character from Death Note, so I know quite a bit about him. So here are a few facts about this sugar-loving character.


  1. His real name is L Lawliet. This was revealed in a live action film as well as the 13th volume. This volume also came with a card which revealed his name. I already knew his name before I bought the 13th volume, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. I think it was the first thing I searched for when I finished the series.


2. He was born on Halloween, 10/31/1979 and he died on 11/5/2004. He was 25 when he died. He also didn’t finish the coffee he was drinking, since he died… damn it, Light/Rem whatever. They could have at least waited for him to finish his drink.


3. L dislikes socks, and I don’t blame him. Socks are the worst. This pretty much explains why he goes around barefoot a lot. I wonder if he dislikes shoes too…


4. “I could fall for you, you know?” Is most likely a lie, but this is hard to tell from his expression. However, he seems to lack experience with women. So chances are, he wouldn’t actually fall for Misa. Sorry MisaxL shippers.


5. In the 13th Volume there is a list of everything that L is shown eating during the manga. It’s pretty long, which isn’t surprising since he ate so much throughout his time on the series. I’ve actually read this list – which is how I know that he never finished his coffee before he died. It says “only had a couple of sips but had to leave the rest due to death”.


6. There was one idea for the ending where L would win, meaning that he wouldn’t die in the series. I really wish this happened, but then would Near and Mello get involved with catching Kira if L never died?


7. L’s fake name is Ryuzaki because “L” is pronounced like “R” in Japanese. That’s the reason. I was expecting something cooler, but oh well.


8. L has no friends. Yes, you did read that right. When he said Light was his first friend, he was lying, he never saw Light as a friend. The author of Death Note states that L most likely thought negatives things about him.


9. Whenever L says a number, it means that he suspects that person over 90%. So whenever L said he was 5% certain Light was Kira, he actually meant he was 90% certain he was Kira.


10 .As you might have noticed by several facts, L is a liar. So you shouldn’t always trust everything he says.


That concludes this list! Are there any facts you know that aren’t mentioned? Leave a comment below!