One huge issue I’ve encountered during my time of watching anime is character death. I’m not talking about the occasional death of a character I like; I’m talking about frequent deaths.

This will contain spoilers for the following anime:

Death Note
Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Itachi Uchiha is my top favourite character, my room is full of Itachi merch. So his death has affected me the most. If I see his death I’ll cry, I’ll even start crying as soon as Sasuke begins to use Kirin. I started watching Naruto because of Itachi, and for some reason I knew he would die. I’ve seen him die several times, and every time I cry like I did the first time I saw it.

He’s such a cool character, so it’s a shame that he dies. What’s worse is that he comes back to then die again. That’s definitely not fair.

What makes Itachi’s death even worse is that he was a good guy all along. I’d understand if he was evil, but he had good intentions. A character like that doesn’t deserve to die.


I am so glad my twin decided to spoil Bleach for me. Gin was my favourite character as soon as he appeared on screen. I had no idea he was going to die. His death would have been so much worse had I not known that it was going to happen, I had about a year to prepare myself which made it a lot easier to deal with. At this point, I was fairly new to witnessing my favourite characters die.

My first favourite character death was L in Death Note. I was unlucky, I had no idea L would die. I knew Light died, so I guess I thought L was safe. Nope. I was so wrong. So when I saw L fall from his chair, I started crying. I still cry now if it’s mentioned. I even refused to watch Death Note for a while. I ended up finishing it because I wanted to see Light die.

I know I should let go of L like he let go of his spoon… but he was my first favourite anime character so his death hurts just a tiny bit more than the others (minus Itachi. Itachi’s death will always hurt the most).


Did Hohenheim’s death make anyone else cry a lot? Or is it just me. His death is a mixture of happy and sad: he gets to die with Trisha, but he never gets to spend time with Ed and Al. As soon as I see him walk to her grave, I already begin to cry – even when I first watched FMAB. I knew what was going to happen. Just thinking about his death makes me want to cry now. It’s just so heart-breaking.


What’s worse than this? Ushio’s death in Clannad. I wasn’t expecting that. If anyone repeats her final line, then I start crying. I watched this scene years ago, and it still upsets me to this day.


I swear that the people who write these stories love to make people cry. They make a super-loveable character and then laugh as they kill them off. I see too many favourite characters die, and out of all the anime I have seen – Naruto is the worst. The majority of my favourite characters in that anime die: Deidara, Neji, Itachi, Jiraiya, Kakashi (though he doesn’t stay dead), Gaara (comes back like Kakashi, still dies though) and Konan. I think Temari is my only favourite character that lives.

Most of these characters on this list only die once, I have to mention one more who dies several times. I didn’t cry, but I was still saddened every time that Mayuri was killed. Every time she died, Okabe would go back in time only to see her die again and again. I had no idea that Mayuri died, so I thought she was a safe character to pick as a favourite.


So what are your thoughts on favourite characters dying? Leave a comment below!