I’m a huge fan of Pokémon, so of course I’m going to be excited for the new games that are being released November this year. I haven’t really been following the announcements for this game as much as I had for previous games.

I’m excited for the new starters, which is something I’m always excited for. I’m also excited for the new Pokémon that the new region will bring. Hopefully there are some really good Pokémon so I don’t have to rely on the Pokémon I like from previous generations.


The two new legendries look very interesting too, but I’m not too fond of their designs. I’m hoping that they’ll be powerful and useful, and that they’re not too easy to catch.

In addition, there will be character customisation which is something I’m excited for. They removed this feature in ORAS, which I was super upset about. This feature is one of the reasons why I love X so much. It’s so nice to have the character look like me. It makes the game even more personal.


I’m really excited for the new QR feature. This feature allows players to share their Pokémon with friends, allowing them to scan the code and find where to catch the Pokémon. This is very good for those who may need help finding certain Pokémon.


Furthermore, I’m excited for this new feature. For years the Pokédex has been the same, only changing slightly. It will be nice to experience something different. Maybe I’ll use the Pokédex more often. I rarely use it, due to it not really have that much use in the game other than finding Pokémon to catch or see how many Pokémon I have caught and seen. When I first played Leaf Green (a crappy fake which was in Japanese except for the Pokémon names, moves and menu) I never used the Pokédex, I slowly started using it as I played more games.


I’m excited about Z-Moves, mainly because I want to know what it is. I’m curious, okay? It’s not the feature I’m most excited about, but I am excited about the idea of being able to have really, really powerful Pokémon.

There’s also the region variants that I’m really curious about. When I first saw them I was puzzled, and I still am; but then I haven’t done much research on the subject and I’ve only seen images. I’m excited for Ninetales though, it will be ice and fairy. I love fairy Pokémon and they’re my favourite type to use, since they’re so underestimated. My strongest Pokémon have been fairy type. I’m talking about strong enough to wipe out the Elite Four without any help from other Pokémon on my team, and not even being level 100.


I’m even excited for the time difference between games. I’m planning on buying Moon so I’ll be travelling the Alola region while it’s dark, unless I stay up late.

What features are you excited for? Leave a comment below!