Originally, I thought this anime was yuri (girlxgirl anime), and was aimed at boys. I was very wrong, this isn’t yuri nor is it aimed for boys. Simply put, it’s an ice skating version of Free!. When my friend told me this, I immediately watched the first episode. I’m already in love.

First thought that popped into my head when I started watching it was that the main character looks a lot like Shinichi from Parasyte.

I can’t be the only one that thinks this.

Anyway, it has a very promising plot *cough* fanservice *cough*. I did see a lovely ass in the first episode, completely bare too. I can’t complain that there isn’t enough fanservice anime for girls now.

Now let’s talk about actual storyline, so Yuri (the main character, the one that looks like Shinichi from Parasyte) is an ice skater who was defeated in a competition, and after several more failures, he then began to not see ice skating the same. He then puts his ice skating career on hold, and after five years he returns home and goes to visit his friend. He then performs a perfect copy of his idol’s routine.

Quite promising and intriguing, for a sports anime that is. From my experience with Free!, sports anime tend to focus more on characters’ relationships and character development over storyline. The main story focus is competitions and anything to do with the chosen sport, but character development/relationships is a higher priority.

The characters themselves are interesting. Not much is revealed about all of them, which makes me curious about how I’m going to see them change. I like this because it makes me want to watch the next episode so I find out more about them.

It’s a male heavy cast too, which I’m excited for. Hopefully this means plenty of hinted-yaoi moments. I’m hoping it means plenty of ships too, and hopefully ships that don’t overlap (such as boy1xboy2 and boy1xboy3, it that makes sense). Since this is probably like Free!, the ships will most likely overlap slightly.

I’m hoping it has more yaoi-like scenes compared to Free!, while that had a few it didn’t quite have enough for my inner fangirl to be happy.

Overall, I’m very excited for this series and I can’t wait to watch more (which I’ll be doing soon). This might even make its way onto my favourite anime list (if it’s good enough, and still good by the time the series ends).

What are your thoughts on this anime? Leave a comment below!