Something I hear a lot is ‘anime is for children’. When I say a lot, I really mean it. Yes there is anime suitable for children, Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh, Sailor Moon etc. but then there are so many that aren’t.

  1. Another


This is a horror anime about a cursed class. Might be suitable for children to watch… if there wasn’t so many gory deaths. It’s extremely dark, and I definitely wouldn’t allow young children to watch it. The umbrella scene though…

This gif is probably proof enough that this anime is definitely not for young children to watch. I’m an adult and I had trouble watching it without looking away (though if this was at the end of the anime I would have laughed at the scene…).


2. Elfen Lied

Another gory anime… The first episode consisted of Lucy walking around naked and chopping people up. Definitely not suitable for children at all. I can’t really remember what happened in this anime that much since I watched it in a day over two years ago, though I do remember that some scenes left me feeling pretty disturbed.


3. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

I bought this anime recently, mainly because it was rated 18 and I was hoping to use my ID to buy 18 rated anime… I wasn’t checked for ID and I left the shop feeling pretty disappointed. Anyway, this anime is littered with sexual jokes and innuendos. Panty uses a gun that’s made from her panties…


4. Mawaru Penguindrum

This anime appears very child-friendly, with the cute penguins and bright colours. Nope, definitely not suitable for children. This anime just gets worse and worse as it goes on, and when I reached the end I realised that this wasn’t the happy/funny anime I thought I was about to watch.


5. Boku no… haha I’m joking. High School of the Dead

It was really difficult to choose an anime for this last spot; I was going to say Death Note but that’s not really that inappropriate for children compared to other anime mentioned on this list. High School of the Dead is gory and full of ecchi moments. If you’ve seen this then you know the bath scene…


And that concludes this list. What are some anime that you think aren’t suitable for children to watch? Leave a comment below!