Good manga is sometimes hard to find. There are many weird and curious series out there but if you dig deep enough, you can find many great stories. However, many people do not have the time to search for these obscure. So I am here to help you guys out.


The first obscure manga I would advise you guys to read is Dolulo Dalu. Based on the chinese wuxia novel with the same name, it is about the reincarnation of one person being transported into a different world and living a new life. It is filled with action packed fights and fantastical magical powers that are amazing to see. The preliminary art style of the very first chapters coupled with the chinese novel basis might make the manga obscure to the general reader. I do recommend you read it but make sure you pay attention to each of the characters, because Chinese names are very confusing to remember when they are all introduced in the span of one chapter

Next, you should definitely check out Red Storm, the story of one young boy and his otherworldly master. The immense strength that Noya possess is boundless and he has passed on this seed of power to his new disciple Yulian Provoke. Many great manhwas do not get the chance of becoming mainstream though many do deserve it. This very category might out some people off but I urge you to try it because it is worth it. The journey to rule and unite the politically torn desert is a fascinating one.

The mature story of the life of one girl who has been emotionally and physically torn is certainly interesting to witness. Arachnid is the story of Fuji Alice, a once abused teenage girl turned into a professional assassin. Arachnid has many mature themes and is not afraid to harm and physically mutilate characters. It is quite interesting to witness the intelligence and power of the spider assassin that Alice has become.

Everyone knows the idea of wimpy kid who is bullied everyday being taught to be a martial masters. It’s the kind of used idea that you see in The Karate Kid or Kenichi but The Breaker puts a fantastical spin on this idea. We start out with Shi-Woon Yi, a bullied timid teenager at Nine Dragons High School and Chun-Wu Han, the new substitute teacher. One day, Shi-Woon witnesses his new substitute teacher beat up some thugs with advanced martial arts, so he requests his new teacher to teach him martial arts. It has many unique aspects to the story, such as the immersive story it provides and the immense power that each character possess and the twist that the story possesses. While it is a Korean manhwa, it is in the normal tankobon format instead of the long manhwa format. I personally have read this story 7 or 8 times

Finally, the last obscure manga that I would like to inform you is an exciting one that hasn’t updated in awhile but it is amazing. Its called Sky Blue, the story about a misunderstood delinquent with a magical being inside him that gives him magical lightning powers. The chapters are very long and the story is very interesting. It isn’t a very mainstream manga and very obscure but it is quite intriguing to read.