Rem is the blue haired twin from Re:Zero that has quickly become one of many people’s favorite anime characters of all time. For those of you who don’t know why Rem is so popular we have listed a the top five reasons she is a fantastic character.


1 She Develops Constantly

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Unlike many characters in anime, Rem is developed constantly and always showing new sides of her personality. She started out as a stoic character and has become a strong defender of the main character after falling in love with him.


  1. She isn’t overly sexualized2016-08-12 (37)

A lot of female characters in anime rely on a few certain assets to draw viewer’s attention, while Rem initially may not draw many people with her appearance. This stays true and she is never made a sex object, but instead is shown to be heroic and strong enough to stand on her own despite her shortcomings.


  1. She knows she isn’t invincible2016-08-12 (23)

Rem is a powerhouse compared to the main protagonist Subaru, but is still not a super powerful character like many others on the show. She is aware of this, and still throws herself into the middle of combat to protect the people she cares about.


  1. She Stands by Subaru2016-08-12 (42)

Even when Subaru breaks emotionally and starts to do nothing more than mumble a few inaudible sounds, Rem stands by his side. Rem is loyal to a fault, and has proven several times she is willing to give her life for Subaru because she loves him.


  1. She isn’t perfect2016-08-12 (1)

Rem is an amazing character all around. However, she does have flaws. Rem has a problem with her confidence, she also Los shown to be weaker overall than her sister once was. These flaws only strengthen her as a character though because instead of letting these things hold her back Rem pushes forward as a person and tries her best to be better.

Overall Rem is an amazing example of character writing and is quickly gaining popularity in the anime community. If you haven’t checked her out in Re:Zero it is highly recommended if only for Rem’s awesomeness!