This is the reprint I’ve been waiting for for a while. It’s also the only time I’ll re-purchase a series since this series is my favourite. This series has been out of print for a while, meaning that the old volumes can only be purchased from second hand sellers, and since it’s out of print volume prices can be very high.

The series was reprinted in Japan alongside the release of the spin-off series Fruits Basket Another.


The most noticeable difference between the Collector’s Edition and the original is that it’s two volumes in one, as well as there’s a lack of author commentaries (which she removed due to them being outdated). It has been re-translated and typo errors have been fixed (which has made me very happy) as well as it includes sound effects, whereas the original print didn’t always include them.


The cover has also been re-drawn with Takaya’s new art style and there’s also new pictures inside that she’s drawn. I really like this as it shows how much her drawings have developed since she started Fruits Basket.

On the back of the book is a picture of Kyoko, this is probably because she wouldn’t make an appearance on a volume since they’re two in one.


A plus is that it’s a reprint, so it’s now so much easier to get the series. I can finally buy the manga knowing I’m supporting the mangaka, which I’m not doing when I buy the original volumes second hand.

The back also contains translation notes explaining honorifics and other information that everyone may not understand, which is very helpful and is something the first print lacked.

There’s also a lack of adverts at the back, which is nice because I know the size of the volume is how much manga material I’m getting, whereas I found there were quite a few ads at the back of the original print. I’d get towards the end thinking I had a few more pages left to find that I have one page left instead due to adverts.

I’m definitely excited about getting all 12 volumes of the collector’s edition, I’m excited to see what the twelfth volume will be like, since there are 23 volumes so is it going to be a single volume or is it going to contain extra content?

It will also be nice to have the manga in decent condition since a few of my original volumes are in poor quality due to them being from Libraries or read a lot.


No offense to Tokyo Pop (original publisher of the English version), but Yen Press have definitely done a better job at translating and publishing the English version of Fruits Basket. There’s no typo errors from what I’ve seen (I noticed a typo error in Tokyo Pop’s version in the first few pages, and there were several throughout) and I like that they added translations to the sound effects, since not everyone can read katakana (they put the Japanese romaji sound effect and the translation, which is nice). Tokyo Pop didn’t include translations for the sound effect, and I noticed one or two volumes had the translations at the back of the book which was very inconvenient since it took too long to find the translation.

What are your thoughts on Fruits Basket being re-published? Leave a comment below!