Fruits Basket is probably one of my most favorite anime/manga series that I’ve seen/read. The anime is hilarious, and while the manga has some sad moments and dark scenes, it still doesn’t fail to make me laugh.
Since this is a review, I will be covering things that may spoil the manga and anime if you have not already seen/read it.

I love the plot for Fruits Basket. It’s one of the most original shoujo manga/anime series out of the tons I have read/watched. I’ve read so many that are similar, with similar storylines such as a rival trying to keep the main two characters apart to exes showing up to ruin everything. This shoujo series doesn’t have that, I guess you could count Kagura but she doesn’t exactly try to keep Kyo and Tohru apart. I have read one shoujo manga where characters turned into animals, but it wasn’t animals from the Chinese zodiac or a curse.
What also makes this series different compared to others, is that the story is so complex. Character’s individual stories link into one another before the story starts, like Yuki meeting Tohru and giving her Kyo’s hat when they were younger and Kyo knowing Tohru’s mother. Some of the stories are also heart-breaking to read, causing me to cry – like the story of how Kyoko (Tohru’s mother) met Katsuya (Tohru’s father).

Despite the anime series not following the manga that well (Akito being male and dying, the timeline of events is different etc.), it’s still a very good adaptation. Maybe I think this because I saw the anime first and then read the manga, but I still love it even after I’ve finished every chapter.
I also love the characters, they’re all so unique. I love Tohru and how she’s so polite and how strong she is, how nothing can bring her down. I look up to her and I wish I could be that optimistic. I love Kyo, I love how he doesn’t give up on becoming part of the zodiac, how he’s willing to train just so he can beat Yuki. I love Hana and Uo, and their friendship with Tohru because I’d love to have a friendship like that. I struggle with keeping friends, and I don’t have any close friends at the moment, so I wish I could have a friend like Uo, Hana or Tohru. Someone who will always be there for me, no matter what. Kyoko is inspiring too, she tried so hard to bring Tohru up on her own after Katsuya passed away.

The only thing I dislike about the series is the differences between the manga and the anime. The creators of the anime left out and changed so much that it’s pretty much impossible to make a second season. Since the anime was created in 2001, I highly doubt that I’ll ever see a continuation of the series.

The most annoying thing is that Akito is male, while this is understandable since she wasn’t revealed as being female yet in the manga when the anime was released and this can easily be repaired. What can’t be repaired is the fact that Akito is dying in the anime.

What they also left out is Tohru’s hat. This hat is very important, since as I mentioned earlier, this hat was given to Tohru when she was lost by Yuki. This hat is completely gone from the anime, no trace of it is to be found.

There’s also the whole timeline issue. Events that happen before the anime end (Kyo turning into his true form) happen later on in the manga. The end of the anime covers volume 6, whereas events before this in the anime adaptation can be seen in volumes 7 and 8 of the manga. This was very confusing for me when I had watched the anime in a day and then went to read the manga, I noticed the timeline events weren’t exact. There are other scenes that are in different orders, but I can’t remember since it has been a few months since I have read the manga and watched the anime.
This doesn’t actually mean that there won’t be a second season, since Black Butler got a third season following the manga storyline after the filler second season and the majority of the first season being filler (pretty much making the series very difficult to continue). My friend was convinced that Black Butler would never continue, and then suddenly Book of Circus was released. Although, what makes me doubt a second season is the fact that it’s been roughly 15 years since the anime aired. I’d be happy if a second season was announced, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I love the comedy in the series, I especially love the dirty jokes (that is mainly said by Shigure). My favourite scene that made me laugh is the bit where Hatsuharu drags the student council president into the bathroom to prove that his hair colour is natural. This joke flew over my head at first, but when my friend explained it to me, I found it funny and I still laugh now.

Overall, this series is one of the best I have seen. I like it so much that I’m crazy enough to spend £20 on a single volume of the manga (it’s out of print, kinda? I know it’s being reprinted again but this time with two volumes in one).

What do you think of Fruit Basket?? Let everyone know below!