A few weeks ago I binged this anime in a day and a half. It’s definitely one of my favourite anime, the story is great and the characters are well-developed. It has the perfect balance of serious and funny. When I finished this anime for the first time a few months ago, I didn’t want to accept it was over. I ended up getting the box set… I rarely buy anime box sets…


I love the openings for this anime. I love how the first opening shows clips from later on in the series, and this doesn’t make sense until it’s shown so it’s not spoiling anything. Each opening fits the anime so well.


I thought that this was a weird-looking Ed until young Hohenheim was shown.

The first episode is filler, I didn’t know this until recently, but the episode is the best filler episode I’ve ever seen. It fit into the story so well, so it didn’t feel like filler at all. It was actually foreshadowing the end of the anime with the whole giant transmutation circle. My Twin and I both agreed that the bad guy wasn’t actually bad, and if Ed and Al (and the rest) had failed to stop him, then it might have actually led to a good thing.


I love almost all of the characters (Pride is a little shit, I have to hate him), I glare at my little brother when he makes me pick one character as my favourite which is pretty much impossible.

It was so nice to see Ed look older as the anime progressed, and it was so gradual too. It was also nice to see Al grown up at the end as well.


I cried when Maes Hughes died, I cried when Envy died (why did he die when he was the little cute thing?) and I cried a lot when Hohenheim died in front of Trisha’s grave. I think Hohenheim’s death is the saddest anime death out of every one I’ve seen (I’ve seen Clannad). It’s sad because he goes to sit in front of Trisha’s grave, talks to her and then dies there. He wanted to die with her and he got his wish. It’s just so heart breaking. I don’t even know what he said to her, I was too busy crying. He even dies with a smile on his face! Just so sad…


The ending to this anime is so satisfying. It doesn’t just end with us wondering what happened to the characters after. The final episode is the best I’ve ever seen, and this anime has one of the best endings (tied with Code Geass) I’ve ever seen. Everything is resolved, and there are no questions (except for did Roy and Riza end up together?) left unanswered.


I enjoyed every episode of this anime. The only thing I didn’t like was the time skip, and how unclear the timeline itself is. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out ages of characters, when events happened etc. I also hate how Pride got to live. He’s definitely the character I hated the most throughout the anime.


Also, Ed and Winry only hugged! It’s like a certain shoujo anime I’ve seen. Well, it’s better than nothing and my ship actually sailed for once… so I can’t complain too much.

What are your thoughts on this anime? Leave a comment below!