There is a six year difference between the original 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist series and the 2009 remake.

For those that don’t know, the 2003 series was being made at the same time the manga was being released, and the anime caught up to the manga. So instead of waiting for more material, the anime studio created their own storyline instead. Then the manga series ended, and it was remade in 2009, this time following the manga. The beginning content was compressed into as little episodes as possible and some scenes being removed.

I watched the first 13 episodes of FMA, and then watched the whole of FMAB. Which is something I recommend, but it isn’t necessary. Since I haven’t personally watched the whole of the original series, I’m going off of what I’ve heard people say.

Most people say that FMAB is better. I agree, the pacing is a lot better compared to the first, it kept me interested enough to watch the whole thing instead of giving up 13 episodes in.

The animation is also better, but that’s obviously not a surprise since there’s a six-year age gap between the two series. Technology evolves and improves, as well as people get better at making anime.

Storywise, I’ve heard FMA is confusing and it left a lot of plotholes compared to FMAB, which answered everything and wasn’t confusing. However, despite FMA mostly not following the source material (which mostly ends up being awful), it did a good job. It was good.

However, FMAB may be slightly confusing to those that haven’t seen FMA, due to some things being cut from the beginning of the anime. Such as the mining town part. Or things were rushed, which may lead to viewers being confused.

Some character’s roles change too. Especially the homunculi, as some of the seven deadly sins are different characters (wrath and pride for example). There are also characters in Brotherhood that don’t make an appearance in the original series.

Overall, I prefer Brotherhood, I got into it a lot quicker than FMA, and it managed to keep me interested throughout the entire series. I definitely recommend watching it, but I also recommend watching the beginning of the original series so it makes more sense.

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