Talking about High school anime and skipping Gakuen Alice is the most evil-est thing that anybody will do! I am emotionally attached with this anime, and I can die for the manga!!! That is how much I am obsessed with this animation. Gakuen Alice is such a decent and cute anime that even kids can watch. It is really funny and heart touching anime, which makes you cry no matter what! The ending is also super cute, but the anime can never be as good as the manga!

Gakuen Alice manga is really amazing and has a best storyline throughout the anime. This is the academy or school, which only accepts the kids, who have some super natural powers. All the staff and students in the academy have some unique powers, which make them different than the common people. These students and teachers are called Alice, which are not allowed to stay with the rest of the world until they are graduated. They can never leave the academy during their academic life, and they can’t meet even their families, which is presented in a really emotional way.

The story is about a girl named Mikan, who lives with her grandfather, and has a best friend named Hotaru. Hotaru is an Alice, who was taken by Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy) and Mikan was left all alone. She was so depressed about her only best friend that she decided to go after her, no matter what. Mikan left her house and went after Hotaru, to Tokyo, where she finally approached Gakuen Alice. She then was spotted by two guys, who thought of her an Alice and tried to take her with them to sell her, as Alice are considered very important at the national level. Just when she was about to be successfully kidnapped, a student named Natsume Hyuuga tries to escape from the academy. But his attempt is aborted by the teacher named Narumi, who then realizes about Mikan and her ability to nullify any kind of danger. Mikan does not know about any of these powers and it takes her some time to realize about it. After Narumi Sensei realizes about her powers, he quickly admits her in the school, where she meets Hotaru, and she becomes happy and all.

Throughout this anime, the love and friendship is represented in a really beautiful way, but what makes manga more special than anime is the storyline. The story of the manga is much better than anime, which is why; it is better to read it. The manga tells about Mikan’s parents and how much they suffered due to the academy. The higher authorities were plotting against the academy and using Alice for their own sake. It is really sad at the ending but it is definitely worth reading, and I promise, you will feel many emotions while reading the manga than watching the anime. Anime is really short but manga is long and definitely a great way to spend your free time.