Kingdom hearts


This has to be on the list just because it would be completely amazing. Disney has a huge fan base that would love to see classic anime style on their favorite characters. While Square Enix’s fan base wants to see their favorite Final Fantasy characters brought to life by beautiful animation. Plus, can you imagine how epic the opening songs would be for the series?

Harvest Moon


Harvest Moon would make on of the sweetest shoujo series ever. Think about it, a cute shy girl moves to a sprawling farm town where her new horse escapes. She goes chasing after the horse and runs into a bachelor who loves animals. He gives her the horse and walks off quietly without even saying his name. The next day she meets him again and he is cold, but comes to her aid every time she needs help.

Namco’s Tales Series


I know there are a lot of Tales anime already, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could get an original story in anime form from them. They could really do some work here and increase their fan base tenfold!


Wallpapersxl Halo Legends The Duel 552706 1680x1050


There was an anime segment in the Halo Legends collection that is regarded as an amazing piece to the universe. But what if we took a bunch of the Halo books like “Ghosts of Onyx” and made a full-scale animation production for it? Halo would have a great story and the combat scenes could make you AMV’s for years.

Dangan Ronpa 22016-05-26

The only piece missing from the anime is Dangan Ronpa 2. It has an outstanding cast with major improvements from the first game. The story would drag in a huge number of anime fans thanks to characters like Nagito and the dark plot that revolves around him and the rest of the classmates. Plus we could have some pretty sweet ultimate collectors editions of the anime collection.

Sunset Overdrive



Maybe a little bit off the wall, but Sunset Overdrive would make a great comedy. The game is completely unique with the way it presents itself and would be a great candidate for giving you a good laugh. It wouldn’t be a complete masterpiece, but it would be a pretty good competitor to Panty and Stocking if done right!