Garo: Honoo No Kokuin is the anime adaptation of a Japanese TV show, Garo.  The anime has no story continuation with the actual TV show, so you can start watching the anime without prior knowledge. So I must say you have to watch this anime

This anime is absolutely amazing and a great story filled with great character development. I will not spoil anything for you because I do want you to watch the anime. It is a story about Leon, the son of the Makai Witch and Makai Knight, who is the legendary Golden Knight Garo. This anime is about kicking ass and saving people, but most of all the anime is about character growth.

Seeing the journey of Leon is truly a great one. He goes on to become a great knight and steps into the shoes of the real Golden Knight. His growth from boy to man is an absolutely heart-wrenching tale. I absolutely love the way not just Leon, all the other characters grew as the story progresses. It was amazing how the story just flows into the main plot. Each character has such depth and they continue to grow. You will love the main characters and you will absolutely despise all the enemies with a burning passion