Gosu is a manhwa written by Ryu Ki-Woon, and Moon Jung-Hoo and it’s totally not what you expected to be. It starts out as a martial arts manhwa but totally deviates just from the first chapter. Before you read this article, please read the first chapter of the Manhwa.

When you expect a martial expert, you expect a strong, skinny and serious person who is humble. Most people don’t expect Gangryong, the chubby busboy at a restaurant. Little does anyone know, Gang Ryong is the disciple of the Heavenly Destroyer. Gang Ryong had set out,as a skinny, strong fighter, after the death of his master to avenge the people who had betrayed him at the height of his power


When Gangryong set out to find the four generals who had betrayed the Heavenly Destroyer, he soon realized that they have all died. What is he suppose to do now? He has all these weapons and martial arts skills, but he has nothing to put them towards. Then we go on the to the next chapter and it seems that Gang Ryong was released from prisons after a couple of years. He proceeds to get caught up with a gang of criminals, ganging up on a couple of merchant. He decides to fight against the thugs only to get his ass whooped by the head bandit. Luckily a chubby restaurant delivery boy happens to be in the area and beats the shit out of everyone.

You are confused until you realize that the chubby delivery boy in front of you was Gangryong, the kid you saw earlier being all badass. It goes on to develop how badass Gangryong is even though he is chubby now. He is quite different than your typical hero and I do recommend that you witness his tale