Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the best, and I mean the best anime I have ever seen. It is second to none, and is totally different than most animes that I have seen. Most animes have complicated plots with sophisticated resolution. Do you get that Gurren Lagann? NO, you solve your problems by blowing shit up. And if that doesn’t work, you just blow more shit up. It is the kind of stupid and illogical anime I never thought I would enjoy, but I ABSOLUTELY love it

The premise and plot of the show are amazing. In a desolate world where humans have been pushed underground by Beastmen, a mythical race of beast that have many human-like qualities. Enter Simon (C-moan not Sy-men), the wimpy main character of the show, a weak driller in a mine city underground. He is very timid, shy and everything you would expect from a weak child. And then we have Kamina. KAMINA. More on him later but for right now let’s continue on the plot of the story. One day, a giant beastman robot falls out of the sky, breaking the ceiling of the underground city, bring with it Yoko Littner, the smoking hot gunwoman. Together, all three of them exit the city and make their way to the surface to rebel against the Beastmen and take control of the world, freeing all the humans underground. It’s an amazing plot with two major arcs, a time skip, and an AMAZING ending that still brings me to tears every time I think about it

There are many characters in this show and all of them bring something amazing to the table. Let me just say this, though. Fuck Rossiu, fuck that guy. If you watched this show, you will understand. If you don’t understand, watch it and then tell Rossiu to go fuck himself. But the rest of the characters are amazing but I am only going to speak of the three main characters, Simon, Kamina and Yoko

Simon is the main character of the entire show. He starts out as a wimpy miner with his own drill. He is not very strong, nor is he confident. He is often treated as such by all the other citizens of his underground city. The only solace he has is that his soul brother Kamina fuels him by believing in him. So Simon is not totally wimpy, just overall. He does experience the most amazing character development I have ever seen, but if I explained it, It would spoil it for you. Just know he changes from wimpy to BADASS.

Now then let me explain to you the great Kamina. Who the hell do you think he is? Kamina is my all time favorite anime character and is the most badass character I have ever seen in any work of fiction. Let me tell you, Kamina is what happens when you condense the manliest things in this world that are possible and impossible. This is the man who kicks logic to curb and fights head on with no fear. No one can compare to him, he is the manliest of all men, real or fake. His character development is quite limited because you can’t enhance perfection but there are a few flaws here and there but overall Kamina is the manliest man of all men and my favorite character of all time.


Now we move on to the flaring redhead and gunslinger, Yoko Littner. She is just as amazing as the rest of the group, taking down giant mechs with just a sniper rifle. She kicks ass and is so beautiful. Her character development is not as grand as Simon but it’s not as shallow as Kamina. Her character is greatly enhanced by the fact she is able to be a key asset in giant mech fights. She is very important to the team and is not a show girl. She is seriously tough and was kicking beastmen ass long before Kamina and Simon came into the picture.

Another aspect of the anime that just enhances the greatness of this anime, is the soundtrack. The music that is playing throughout the entire anime fits really well with the magnificent scenes, whether they are fightings scenes or character development scenes or even sad scenes. The music enhances the emotions of the anime. Just look up Libera me From Hell. This is a song that is played throughout the most inspirational parts of the anime and it fits the scenes so well.

The moral lessons learned with this anime are just outstanding. All of the philosophical teachings of this anime are simply amazing and I have absorbed them all, applying them to my daily life. This anime is not only fun and enjoyable with memorable characters, it also has many great lessons to inform you about. It is also a great spirit lifter when everything else seems to be going to shit. I love this anime and totally recommend you watch it right now.