I’ve had Future Tone for a week or so now, but I only got all of the songs a day ago. Because X was so bad, I wanted to try FT out before I went out and spent £45 on it. My first impression of it is that I like the new graphics, it looks so nice (although some older Project Diva PVs look awful).

I’m not too keen on the new pressing various buttons together mechanic, it’s really difficult to get used to. I can do all four easily, it doesn’t require too much thinking, but the three buttons at once or switching between square and triangle to circle and x is really challenging and is 90% of the reason I can’t pass most songs on extreme. Since it has made the game harder, I don’t hate it so much since I’ve been wanting a challenging Project Diva game. I missed struggling to pass every song on Extreme like I did when I first played Project Diva.

I have noticed some songs missing that appeared on previous games, like Glow and Clockwork Clown (the latter I’m not too fussed about). I was more excited for Glow, since that’s one of my favourite Miku songs and I haven’t played it on a PD game yet since I’ve never owned the 3DS titles. There’s probably more songs that are missing that I haven’t noticed, but I won’t know until I go on the previous PD games I own or randomly remember them.

One song I’m super happy that made an appearance is Leia. It is my favourite Luka songs and I’ve been waiting for it to appear on Project Diva for a while.

I am upset that they used the old version of Cantarella, I will admit that I hate the song – especially that version. The version of F 2nd was okay and I would play it from time to time, because Kaito’s voice sounds nice which is something that’s quite rare. Don’t hate me, but Kaito is my least favourite Vocaloid because I just don’t like his voice.

There’s over 220 songs to enjoy. Most I don’t know since they were either on Mirai DX or on the first few PD games. I have played the original, extend and 2nd, but they’re all in Japanese and at the time when I played them I couldn’t read a lot of Japanese so I never knew the title of the songs (except for the songs I knew beforehand).

The menu is slightly confusing to navigate. Like changing outfits/Vocaloids and changing settings. I also have no idea how to find the recommended module quickly, so it involves tons of scrolling until I find the right one. I also have no idea how to change the button sounds since the analog stick sounds really annoy me. This is probably the only downside to the game.

Another negative is that there is no fake mustache. A silly thing to be upset over, but I love the fake mustache accessory. I’m not sure if it’s possible to unlock accessories, all I know is that you can buy them when you’re editing what the Vocaloids look like.

I’ve also noticed that chance time has been removed and has been replace by a single note, and technical zones are gone too. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, since I didn’t really mind them. I did find that they added some difficulty to the song.

Overall, I really love Future Tone. I see it as all my favourite Project Diva games in one, so there’s no hassle of switching games and consoles to play some of my favourites. I really like the graphics, since they’re a lot nicer than previous games (excluding the Dreamy Theatre, which looked amazing). I understand why the graphics are so nice, as it’s only available on PS4 and not PS Vita. The previous games F, F 2nd and X were all available on PS Vita as well. Dreamy Theatre was PS3 only, and were ports of the original three games, which is why that looks nicer compared to F, F 2nd and X.

This is definitely my favourite Project Diva game so far. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!