Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful game set in a world overrun by robots. The plot revolves around Aloy, an outcast, as she tries to discover more about the world and the secrets hidden underground.

I can understand why this game received such high ratings. It’s a very good game, and I highly recommend it.

The game has stunning graphics and visuals, everything appears to nice. It’s one of the most stunning games that I’ve ever played. I’m not too fussed about graphics, but I would have definitely played this game for the graphics alone had I not known about the story (which was the reason why I played the game).

The story itself is very interesting, it’s unusual and it works very well. I love the setting too, since it’s a nice combination of an old tribal setting and a futuristic one. I’m excited to see where the story heads to, since I haven’t finished the game.

The story isn’t predictable either, and it has so many twists and turns that I’m left wondering what’s going to happen next. There are a few clichés, but mostly it’s unpredictable and unique.

There is plenty to do as well, you can choose to do story quests or side quests and explore more of the world. This game has so much to offer, and it’s unlikely that you’ll complete it in a few days (unless you decided to just do story quests).

The game mechanics are simple and are very easy to learn. They’re not fiddly or awkward, which is definitely a bonus. It’s easy to figure out the best ways to kill the machines, such as stealth kills are the best option as it does more damage. You have to be silent and hide in the grass to avoid being spotted by enemies, but even then you can still be found and killed if you’re not careful enough.

The controls are easy as well, and everything seems natural. They’re easy to remember as well, so if you abandon the game for a few days it’s easy to pick it back up and still know what to do.

It would be very difficult to enjoy this game if the game mechanics and controls were difficult and awkward, a decent storyline and nice graphics would not be able to make up for it.

Horizon Zero Dawn has all the features I love from other games: crafting, a good storyline, quests, combat, skills. It’s like the developers saw what works with other games and used it to create this one, giving us a game with tons of features we love.

There are so many different machines, each one has a different weakness and a different purpose. They’re all so unique and I like how you have to figure out how to defeat them.

Overall, this game is great and I recommend it. It’s beautiful, it’s fun to play and it’s very unique.

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