Anime, like any form of storytelling can evoke strong emotions in its viewers. The same way literature or even life does, for life is just another form of storytelling. Whether it be anger at a complete dick of a character or happiness at such an amazing event, anime will cause our hearts to stir. But it can cause our heart to ache. The events that happen in some animes are just well written and sad, that your eyes will be flowing tears before you know it

Any anime can have sad moments but only the very heart-wrenching ones will get those tears flowing, I personally have watched a lot anime in my life and have cried multiple times. I even cry at watching the same scene even though I know what happens.

No matter what is happening, whether it be the death of a beloved character, the loss of something important or even a somber end, I can’t stop myself from crying at such and amazing art form. Not just because it is sad, but because it makes me care and cry for stories that aren’t real. That is true magic. I cry from just watching moving drawings on a computer screen. I cry for people who aren’t even real. But they become real.