Why do the titans exist? Where do they come from? They don’t have a reproductive system so we can rule that option out.

I haven’t read the manga, and I’ve only seen the anime. So if you haven’t read the manga, then you can be assured that this is spoiler free. This is also a theory, it may or may not be correct, we’ll only find out how the titans came to be when the mangaka reveals it.

Titans eat people. They don’t have a digestive system, so no one is really sure why they do it. They can survive without eating people, so it’s not necessary for them to do so. However, what if they eat people because when they eat people titans are then made?

We all saw what the inside of a titan’s stomach looks like. It’s full of stomach acid. Once the titan is full, it spits out a large ball. What if the acid absorbs all the humans it ate, and then when its spat out, a titan is then created from the giant ball.

Kind of like an egg.

Maybe it hatches into several titans, each one looking similar to the human that was eaten. This would explain why all titans look different.

This doesn’t solve the mystery of why Eren and Annie are able transform into titans either. Hopefully that is revealed in season 2.

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