Everyone has been waiting and waiting and waiting. What have they been waiting for? Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 that was promised to us ever since the of SNK season 1. But, they keep delaying the release. And, now it’s been pushed back to spring of 2017.  


I personally think the producers are doing this to build up the hype for the anime and get as much money as possible. I know there are other factors such as source material and budget but this reason seems to be the largest. Shingeki No Kyojin was a worldwide hit. Even non-anime watchers have seen SNK and that is a huge deal. The worldwide popularity of the show was quite welcome. The gritty and amazing story that SNK presents appealed to all fans and that was absolutely amazing.


However, by delaying the release of the second season, the producers are raising the bar too high. The hype is building up too much and when the hype for something is too great, anything that is produced will be mediocre at best. They are creating this high expectation that SNK season 2 will be absolutely amazing. It will, no doubt, be amazing but not as amazing as everyone else expects. It will fall short of everyone’s expectations even though if they follow the storyline after Season 1 which has some pretty amazing revelations in it.