Kuroko no Basket: Last Game is coming out in March 2017. And I can say is that I’m ready. I only just finished reading and watching Kuroko no Basket and I read the manga for Last Game. But it’s going to be AMAZING.

For those of you who are unaware, Kuroko no Basket is a manga written by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It follows the story of Kuroko and his quest to lead a team to be the best basketball team in Japan. He is joined by many others to complete his journey and the friends and enemies he meets on his way are all amazing.

The story premises for Last Game is also just superb. An American streetball team comes to Japan and absolutely destroy and ridicule the Japanese for playing basketball on live tv. The only thing that could happen happened. They gathered the best Japanese players ever to compete against this American Team. And who is called on to show how amazing Japanese basketball is. None other than, Kuroko, Kagami and the Generation of Miracles. Already it sounds amazing because you have the best players in the entire anime all on one team. Just wait, it gets even better