The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is already loved by very many Zelda fans and critics. Some are even saying it’s better than Ocarina of Time – a very well loved Zelda classic.

Everyone knows that Ocarina of Time is considered the best (although, it is considered overrated and Zelda fans argue about which one is the best) Zelda game of all time.

So is Breath of the Wild better?

From the incredibly high scores it received from critics, it’s definitely a good game. However, Ocarina of Time does have a higher Metacritic score. After browsing through the internet for other fellow-Zelda fans’ opinions, they all say Breath of the Wild is better.

OoT is incredibly outdated. So it really should be no surprise that a future Zelda game, BotW in this case, is able to be better. It’s going to have better graphics, sound and story, because technology has advanced in such a way that this is possible. OoT was good at the time it was released, but now it’s just outdated.

The only thing that keeps OoT good, is the nostalgia. This was the game that many Zelda fans first played, so of course it’s going to be their favourite. My favourite Zelda game is Twilight Princess, it was the first Zelda game I experienced. I watched my older brother play it and complete it. I obviously have played it now I’m a lot older.

favourite game in a series is most likely going to be the first one they enjoyed, especially if it was from their childhood. Look how many genwunners there are for Pokémon. They love Gen 1 and think it’s the best. Why? Nostalgia and it was the first Pokémon game they played and enjoyed.

So yes, I believe that Breath of the Wild is better than Ocarina of Time. From what I’ve seen, it looks stunning and there’s hours and hours of gameplay. I really wouldn’t be surprised if it’s considered the current best Zelda game of all time.

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