Future Tone is the latest game in the Project Diva series. Project Diva is a rhythm game featuring songs from 6 different Vocaloids, Hatsune Miku, Rin and Len Kagamine, Meiko, Kaito and Luka Megurine.

Future Tone includes most songs from all the previous PD games in the main series except for X, as well as songs from Arcade and Project Mirai (all the vocaloids are chibi and it’s available on the 3DS instead of Playstation consoles). In my opinion, Future Tone is the ultimate Project Diva game. It has over 200 songs, which is a lot compared to the 40 songs on most other Project Diva games.

It has updated graphics compared to previous games, so not only is it fun to play but it looks very nice. Not only that, but it’s very challenging compared to previous games, especially since it has an extra difficulty: extra extreme. Not all songs have an extra extreme difficulty though.

I love Project Diva, so I enjoy Future Tone the most because it has all the songs I like in one game. Before I had to switch to a different game in the series to play the songs I like, which is a little bit of a hassle. It’s also challenging again, I was starting to find the extreme difficulty a little too easy and now I have to really try to clear songs on extreme.

It doesn’t help that the previous Project Diva game I bought was X, which in my opinion was disappointing since it had an unnecessary storyline and it was too easy to complete. Even the ultimate medley wasn’t a challenge.

However, a downside to Future Tone is the lack of edit mode. It was nice to be able to make videos for songs not on the game as well as creating a really difficult note chart for other players to attempt. I even had fun downloading what other players had created.

There is a leader board, so you can compare you scores to other players. I like this as it makes the game competitive, and gives you a reason to achieve the highest score possible.

There’s also a lack of a few features, it’s impossible to turn button sounds off, all the song lyrics have to be in Japanese romaji – there’s no English translation, and there are no help items. Just a no fail mode. The help items were extremely helpful when I struggled to pass a song, especially the one where timings are relaxed.

It’s still a very good game however, even if it is missing a lot of features that were in previous games. It has a lot of songs and the graphics are nice. It’s easy to navigate and it’s very easy to unlock all the trophies for it. It’s definitely the ultimate Project Diva game, and there’s not really anything bad about it so in my opinion it’s the best game in the series.

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