So what did happen to Light when he died? Since he can’t go to Heaven or Hell. Does that mean he becomes a Shinigami?

There is a popular myth within the Death Note community that an unnamed Shinigami in Death Note: Relight 1 is really Light, however this has never been officially confirmed.

First of all, the goggles just make me think of Matt, which really makes me believe that this Shinigami is Light. However, this Shinigami finds the Shinigami Realm boring. Who else was bored? Light (except for Ryuk). So that’s definitely a characteristic that matches.

This Shinigami also offers Ryuk an apple. Maybe Ryuk’s love for apples was very well known, but Light definitely knew of Ryuk’s apple obsession.

However, if this particular Shinigami isn’t Light, then that doesn’t mean Light didn’t become a Shinigami at all. If Light can’t go to heaven or hell, then where does he go? It’s most likely that he becomes a Shinigami. Shinigami also use Death Notes. It makes sense that Death Note users go to the Shinigami realm when they die.

Furthermore, this Shinigami, or scene, isn’t shown in the manga. Which makes it even more unlikely that it’s not actually Light, and if it is, it’s then anime-only.

Light’s fate isn’t shown in the manga either, it doesn’t reveal where he goes after he dies. So maybe Light doesn’t go anywhere and his soul ceases to exist. Since he can’t go to heaven or hell, then does that mean he doesn’t go anywhere at all? Could you count the Shinigami realm as being hell?


Let’s be honest, the Shinigami realm doesn’t seem too pleasant at all and it really fits in with my own perception of what hell is like. Especially since it’s full of monster-like Shinigami. It’s definitely not a place I’d want to visit.

These are all questions that can’t really be answered, as fans we can only theorise. I personally like to believe that Light becomes a Shinigami. It would be nice for him to finally achieve the God status he wanted so much, and he did act like a Shinigami throughout the series.

Nobody talks about what happened to Misa either. The 13th volume of Death Note confirms her death, so she definitely dies. Since she also used the Death Note, where does she go? There’s no Shinigami shown that resembles her in anyway. Same with other characters such as Mikami and Takada. They both used the Death Note too.

It’s most likely that they all don’t go anywhere, and instead their souls don’t get to move on to any place.

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