SkoshBox ships from California with free two day shipping and comes in 3 sizes for you to choose from. It starts at 12 Dollars, and goes to 35 depending on the snacks you choose. Skoshbox is great for trying unique japanese candies you generally can’t find in America.


Tokyo Treat


Tokyo Treat is a box that ships free straight from Japan. It has 3 sizes as well and includes limited run items from Tokyo like Sakura Pepsi. Each box gets ahold of a sought after drink, and a cool toy for you to show off. It takes about two weeks to get here after shipping but it’s biggest box is filled to the brim with 15 snacks.


Umai Crate


Japan Crate is known for their great candy filled crates, but they recently went into the noodle business. Starting in August Japan Crate now ships you boxes of tasty Japanese noodles to try. For 35$ you can eat like you’re at a fresh Ramen shop!


Okashi Connection


Okashi Connection is like the others with the three box option, but you can choose EMS shipping  to get your treats faster. This is the only site that offers a fast shipping option from Japan, but be prepared EMS will up your box cost a pretty penny.




Snakku is a pricey box at 38.95 a month, but provides you handpicked high quality snacks from Japan. A majority of their snacks come from local stores in Japan so, other boxes will never have them. If you’re looking for a culinary treat this is your box!


Japan Crate


The most popular crate in America is Japan crate; it comes in three sizes and ships from California. Each box is guaranteed to come with a drink inside for you to try! The box comes in three sizes, with the biggest box costing 5$ less than Skoshbox.