This anime is beautiful, and I loved the majority of it. What really drew me into watching the anime was that it was made by the same studio who made Attack on Titan. The art style is stunning, it’s definitely one of my favourites. This isn’t surprising since Attack on Titan looked stunning too.


This is definitely a must-see if you’re a huge AOT fan. While it’s not a rip-off, there are some notable similarities between the two. The Kabane are zombie-like creatures that eat humans, and if you’re unlucky enough to be bitten by one then you’ll become a Kabane. The humans stop these creatures by building trains which go from station to station. Sounds like the whole titan-wall thing, but the storylines are very different. I’d say they’re both similar in the ways that Code Geass and Death Note are similar, both contain a character who wants to change something of their world by using a power – but overall, the stories and characters are very different at the same time.


This anime series is only 12 episodes long which sucks, because I felt that so much more could have been added. However, it did have a satisfying end and because of that I can’t complain about the length. It is getting a two part film in December 2016 and January 2017, so it’s not like the story is being left there. Hopefully some more information about the Kabaneri will be revealed. Another good thing is that it’s not taking several years for a continuation like Attack on Titan, so I really can’t hate it – I’ve been waiting for AOT season 2 for far too long now.


The characters are interesting too, though I wish they had been more developed as I probably would have liked them more. Maybe they’ll be more developed in the films so I can finally pick a favourite. Thankfully, the story was good and interesting enough to keep me watching despite the lack of depth the characters had.


I wish that things were explained a little more, maybe I missed some explanations due to me staring at the scenery (highly unlikely). I feel that so much could have been explained and instead was forgotten about. Hopefully this is covered in the films. This series could be so much better if there was more background stories for characters, as well as the Kabane, the iron fortress and any background information on the place as a whole.


Overall, I really enjoyed this series and I’d definitely recommend it. It has a good opening and ending, which is a plus.

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