‘Special A’ holds an important place in my heart, due to being a high school anime, filled with everything that happens in our daily life. Being a student, I personally enjoyed this anime very much, because of the characterization and events that happened there. Everyone can relate to the incidents and characters so much, and it never feels out of place. I personally think that this is, by far, one of the cutest anime that I have ever seen.

There are so many other school anime, but Special A is just way too awesome. The things I love most about this anime are the siblings – brother and sister, and the main characters, Kei & Hikari. I just love them so so sooo much. They are wayyy too adorable. Ok, I’m getting super excited because I just love them so much. Ahh!!

The story begins in an average way, like Hikari is shown as a really strong girl, who works really very hard. She is a fighter, who can take on anyone! She saves people and helps them! She kicks off the guys, who hurt others or steal things, and becomes the savior of the day! The only thing she is unable to do, is to win from Kei, who is the son of his dad’s friend.  During all the anime, they show that she tries hard to get ahead from Kei, but he always stays one step ahead! Slowly and gradually, her feelings for this cutest face and an amazing guy develop, and she starts to love him, but never admits it.

The end is obviously the happy one, as they both are shown kissing, and it is revealed that Kei always loved her from the beginning, but never showed her his real feelings. But, he always wanted to be close to her, which is why; he stayed in the same school as Hikari. He is a really handsome guy in the whole campus and is respected, and feared! He is a perfect example of a guy every girls dreams of. He is super rich, super talented and humble. His attitude is totally another thing, but he is not a bad boy kind of a guy! Hikari, too, is an amazing girl, who is not only beautiful but very ambitious and good! I think she is my role model, because of her academic career, her strength, her talent, and her wish to win in every field. So, together, they are really a couple, who is just wayyy too amazing!

I love talking about this anime, because it feels so natural and close to what the education system is! OK not everyone studies in a fancy school like this, but the academic life seems really natural and close to the real life. Smart people are hated by the average students. Love life of the students at the high school level is just like this. Bullying and fighting, love and hatred, everything is just too close to the real life, but the best thing among all is the cutest relationship of Kei & Hikari, which I can’t get over, even though it’s been 4 years, since I last watched it! But, I still love them as one of the best and my personal favorite relationship in the High School Anime.