This anime is perfect for fujoshis. I love shoujo and I love yaoi and I enjoyed this anime. It is cliché which is a little bit off putting.

Kiss Him Not Me is about Serinuma, a fujoshi, who loses a lot of weight after the death of her favourite character. This attracts the attention of a group of boys who are stunned by her transformation. This then leads them to compete for her love, not knowing that she is only interested in seeing them together.

If you can get past the cliches, then this anime isn’t too bad. The animation is nice to look at, not the best I’ve seen but definitely not the worst. It does lack substance in the storyline, but character development is definitely there which makes up for the lack of decent storyline.

Nothing really happens as an ongoing storyline, and each episode has it’s own unique story which is pretty much forgotten about in the next episode (though it may sometimes be referenced later on). This anime is like most shoujo out there already, but has enough yaoi hints for it to be unique. Take away the yaoi and fujoshis, and you have your bog standard shoujo series.

The characters are all pretty loveable, I didn’t find any annoying which I find is common in shoujo. There’s a male character for everyone too, I’m not sure who is my favourite. It’s either Nana or the Makoto look-a-like (I really can’t remember his name).


To be honest, I wouldn’t have finished this anime if it wasn’t for the hinted yaoi. I stuck around because I love yaoi. It didn’t really have much to offer other than that, and it would be extremely boring if Serinuma wasn’t a quirky fujoshi who wanted the boys to be with each other and not her. I probably would have hated her and given up with the anime after the first few episodes.

It did take me a while to watch too, which is proof that this anime really lacks a decent storyline. Which is proof that if it wasn’t for the yaoi, I would have given up.

I love shoujo, but I’ve seen so many that I’m really picky. Shoujo has the habit of being the same old for every series, very few series are unique and have a really interesting storyline that keeps me reading until the end. For example, Kamisama Hajimemashita and Dengeki Daisy. Both have very unique storylines, and really good character development. Maybe slightly cliché at times, but they’re unique. Kiss Him Not Me is not really that unique. It feels like a clone of some other shoujo out there. Take away Serinuma’s and her friend’s (can’t remember her name either) love for yaoi, and this anime is no longer unique.