A Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) anime adaptation has been greenlit and will be aired Summer 2017.


Koi to Uso is set in the future. Due to the low birth rate in Japan, a law has been put in place. The Yukari Law enforces all 16 year olds are giving a marriage partner by the government. The main character, Yukari Nejima, is assigned a marriage partner, Lilina Sanada, as he confesses to his crush, Misaki Takasaki.


It has been reported that Seiki Takuno (Yamada and the Seven Witches) is working with LIDEN FILMS as the director for the anime adaptation.

Since, August 2014, Koi to Uso has been simultaneously published in Japanese, Chinese and English on DeNa’s Manga Box app. However, Kodansha Comics has licensed the series for print and the first volume is due to be released August 22nd 2017.


I’m personally not excited for the anime adaptation, since I have read the first few chapters of the manga. I didn’t enjoy it and couldn’t get into it. It’s a brilliant idea, but it’s shounen not shoujo and I am really picky with shounen romance series. I might give the anime a shot, to see if it can change my mind.

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