I started watching Kono Suba a few days ago, and it sounded exactly like an anime I’d enjoy… however I didn’t enjoy it at all. I did give up around three episodes in, but when I don’t like an anime I’d rather stop watching it and move onto another anime I do enjoy.

The storyline has a lot of potential to be good, it’s just told in a slow and boring way. Nothing happens in the first episode, and it’s mainly talking. I felt like it was too busy concentrating on the ecchi aspect rather than the story.

The characters aren’t anything special either. Aqua is extremely annoying and I disliked her straight away, and the main character was pretty boring and dull. He didn’t offer much to the story, so it’s not like I could carry on watching because a character was interesting enough to make it worth sitting through.

The other characters that were introduced later on were all dull too. The one with blonde hair was really weird, but she wasn’t a likeable weird so I found her annoying and cringey.

The animation isn’t that special either, and was pretty mediocre. It seemed that they concentrated on animating the boobs rather than making sure everything else looked nice as well. Since I’m female, I’m not just going to stare at their boobs either, so it would be nicer if everything else looked appealing.

It wasn’t very funny either, and I only really enjoy ecchi if it’s funny or the storyline is really good. I felt that making it as ecchi as possible was the only bit they cared about, so everything else was left being not so great.

The episodes I watched dragged, and I almost fell asleep. I was so extremely bored the whole time. This has just left me feeling very disappointed, as it sounded like it would be a good anime. I couldn’t get into it either, so I felt like I was forcing myself to watch it.

It’s a shame that I don’t really have anything nice to say about it other than the story idea is good. The idea of being able to choose to live in another world when you die is pretty awesome, but it’s the sort of idea that would be suited best for a more action-based anime rather than an ecchi based one.

Have you seen Kono Suba? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!