I am now going to talk to you about the worst anime I have ever seen. It’s anime that does not have a good story or a plot or anything. It has nothing going for it. It’s a complete disappointment to watch. I can’t believe I actually watched this. I was told to watch this anime. I was never really disappointed by anime. In my eyes, there weren’t any bad animes or even moderately crap anime. This anime sure changed that.

Kotoura-San is an anime about a 15-year-old high school girl who was born with the ability to read minds. The premise of the anime sounds great. BUT NOPE, it’s complete garbage. It’s a romcom with the premise of this amazing sounding anime but nooooooo. The main character is an ostracized girl, who has no friends and has been abandoned by both her parents and is caring for herself. She has a sad life and has trouble making friends because she can see through lies and facades. And when I say trouble, she has zero friends. She goes to a new high school and meets a person… who has erotic fantasies about her. And her shitty stupid story about her crappy life goes on from there.

The reason this anime irks me so much is because it had good potential but it wasted it all. The idea of having a high school anime girl who could read minds with selective choice has so much potential. She could have been so badass, or so amazing or just cool in general, But, she turns out to be just so crappy and boring and uninteresting,  It’s just…. ughhhh