Before we say goodbye to the year of 2016, I would just like to talk about the year’s best waifu. Yes o f course, I am talking about the lovely Rem from Re:Zero, the pretty blue haired girl who was cock block by the stupidest fucking move in anime history. If you feel for this amazing and utterly kawaii girl, then boy do I have news for you.  Did you know you can buy a figurine of your favorite 2016 waifu.

You may think I am an idiot for mentioning so obvious. “No, shit I can buy a figurine for Rem. This is the fucking anime community we are talking about. There is already doujins for Rem, why wouldn’t there be figurines”. Well, hold your perverted horses right there but don’t stop them because you are about to enter a full speed race. It’s not just a figurine you can buy. It’s a 1 to 1 scale figure.

“What the hell does that mean” you may be asking. It’s a life size version of everyone’s favorite waifu. Standing at 4 feet and 11 inches, it’s everyone favorite kawaii girl of 2016. Its can be yours for a measly purchase of 1.5 million yen. What? You don’t know how much that is because you aren’t a Japanese person or filthy weeb who does that sort of conversion. It’s not a lot really…only $13,630. I know right, cheap as fuck. That’s a steal for the waifu that everyone wants to bang… ahm I mean love.